Let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is Beth and I’m a 28 year old mother of two.  I’m married to a US Marine who has been enlisted for 10 years.  We’ve been married for 4 of those year and (fingers crossed) many more to come.  It’s not a particularly easy life, but we get by.  You probably won’t see me talking about that part of my life too much on here as I like to keep that all pretty private.

Now on to my two little monsters.  I say that lovingly, I promise (..maybe).  Lucille is 3 years old and a little ball of fire and sass.  She’s always been quite advanced and learns and grows so quickly, it’s almost like I barely got to enjoy her as a baby.  Benjamin (or Benji as we often call him) is 8 and a half months old.  He’s my mama’s boy!  He is a perfect little specimen of boyness in every way.  He is so opposite of his sister.  The only thing that is totally alike with them is they are both SO HAPPY.  I swear, these kids are always smiling.  I’m pretty blessed, that’s for sure.

And me?  I’m back in school for the first time in seven years. I have 4 science classes to finish before I can apply to the nursing program so you’ll probably see me bitching about tests and homework quite a bit.  There’s definitely a reason that with 67 units, I still have all these science classes to finish (hint: I am no scientist).  I’m currently taking chemistry and it is a challenge for me!  Give me english class any day of the week….I can ace that.  Math? Sure, no problem.  But having me memorize polyatomic compounds and their charges?  Shoot me.

What else is there?  I am a crafter, a pinterest addict, and huge into DIY.  I love photography but you’ll probably never see me doing it as a job (I love it, but I don’t want the stress of making a living off of it).  I am a sucker for a good deal and can be pretty frugal (I’ll be sure to share some of my secrets with you!). 


I’ll leave you with me and my little monsters. (Aren’t they cute??)